About Us

Our company, starting with the production of the 1951 soft PVC compounds(*),
including styrene-based elastomer compound, manufactures and sells a variety of thermoplastic elastomer compound.
Making full use of our many years of compound manufacturing and development technology, we have a lineup of products tailored to various uses and needs such as automobiles, electric appliances, medical care, food, household goods, and building materials.
Taking advantage of the know-how of the past than 2019, established a production and sales bases to Thailand, we have built a system that can respond quickly to direct to your needs across Asia.
In addition to catalog lines, we can also provide custom-made products tailored to your needs.
Please feel free to inquire about the elastomer of ARONKASEI.


(*)Currently, we do not manufacture PVC compounds.

Company Profile

Date of Establish  July, 2018
Factory operation started August, 2019
Capital 58 million THB
Business Manufacture and sales of Elastomer


Elastomer TPV Product material of TPV. For Automotive, Appliance and others.
Elastomer TPS Product material of TPS. For Appliance, Food, Modification of PP and others.
Developments Development elastomer with customer request.


WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 2
890/4 Moo 3, Khaokansong, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110
Tel : +66-(0)-33-673-700


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